Free Udemy Course on The Date Formula: How To Make (Most) Women Melt On Date #1
February 29, 2016

My courses have sold 25,229 times as of October 2015 (that is mostly in Germany via my website). Besides, there are currently 100,775 men reading my German newsletter.

With this course, you can dramatically improve your chances with any woman who meets you for a first date – or even just for drinks after work.

  • Do first dates make you nervous?
  • Are you perhaps not even having many dates, because you are afraid of “screwing it up”?
  • Are you the kind of guy who ends up being “just friends”?
  • Or do you, when you do talk to a woman that you like, sometimes feel like there’s a “glass wall” between you and her, just like you’re some lifeless robot who doesn’t know what to say… (and, of course, once you’re back home and alone, you’ll suddenly think of all the things you should have said, but didn’t)?

If any of this applies to you, or if you simply want to have hotter dates with women, you will probably profit from this course.

“But How Can You Have A Formula For Human Interaction?”

It does sound a little bit ridiculous – “The Date Formula”.

Of course people are unique.

So let me tell you a secret:

This isn’t really a course about women. It’s a course about YOU.

If a man has never tasted honey, it would be really difficult to describe it for him. Wouldn’t it?

And in the same way, if a man has never experienced real “butterfly” sexual tension on a first date with a new woman, and if he’s never seen how a turned-on woman looks and acts like, then it’s really difficult to help him overcome this lack of experiences through some online course on his computer screen.

So what this course is designed to do is to give you your own reference experiences.

In the course, I will tell you exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

We will cover the entire timespan from asking the woman out, through the first date, through the time after the first date, through the second date… all the way to the point where the girl is at your place, you are making out heavily, and she is taking off her clothes.

(That is where the course will end. Once you have a beautiful woman at your place, who is turned on by your touch, who is breathing heavily, and who is ready to do with you what only grown ups do… well, you will know how to take it from there.)

And here’s a promise to you:

You won’t be following this “formula” much longer, once you’ve had two or three successful dates.

Once you have “tasted the honey” – once you have experienced how sexual tension feels like, and how women react when you behave in certain ways – then you no longer need to follow any steps.

You’re no longer playing the saxophone by notes. You’re now one with the instrument, and you’re ready for the JAZZ.

Here’s What Students Have Said About the Course:

“Hey Leo. I really dig the Date Formula. I’ve gone through it, I took notes, and now any time I have a date, I read through my notes beforehand and let miracles happen =P Great course!”

“Hey Leo. I can’t believe how effective this Date Formula is. I’ve tried it today for the first time, and I went so much farther than ever before. I had met the woman online. We did not chat a lot online, but we spontaneously decided to meet up today. We were outside, sitting on a park bench (next to each other, just as you recommend it in the course). From the beginning, I put my arm behind her back. And when I asked her what it was about her job that attracts her, she almost didn’t stop talking anymore! That made it much easier for me to focus on listening and touching. The talking really took care of itself. Soon, we were holding hands, and after an hour or so we were making out.”

(Note: Students of the course will quickly notice that this reviewer actually violated some of the rules from the course. He applied only a few parts of the formula, and he is still successful.)

“I lost my virginity thanks to this course. It’s really amazing how much touch matters. Since I have studied the Date Formula, it just ‘clicked’ for me.”

“I wanted to spend a nice evening with a really cute girl. I also wanted to try out the second part of the Date Formula. When she arrived at my place, I just introduced her quickly to my family, and then we went up to my room. My memory is fuzzy, because one thing led to the next. At one point I just lifted her chin gently and kissed her. Then we were making out. I couldn’t get enough of her sweet strawberry lips. Then I started touching the more intimate parts of her body. I touched the sides of her breasts and stroked the area above her cleavage… We really had to laugh, because aufter 2 hours of talking and making out it had simply become obvious that the ‘movie night’ had just been a pretense all along. :)”

“I went out with Liliana for drinks before christmas. The same bar again, with a nice sofa where you can sit next to each other. She’s an open, funny person which really impressed me. Soon, sparks were flying between us. All I did was look into her eyes and listen. Every now and then, I told her something about myself. Most of the time, though, I let her talk. She told me that she had never met a man like that before. A man who really listens to her and who looks into her eyes like that. It actually made her a little nervous. 🙂 She also said that she was now telling me things which she usually would never tell on a first date. I then took her hand, and we joked a little – and then she kissed me. Afterwards, she apologized for having kissed me. She said that usually she isn’t like that. Usually, she doesn’t kiss a guy on the first date, and she actually thinks it’s embarassing to be making out in front of all the other people. […] I also caressed the back of her neck. That gave her the goosebumps, and she almost couldn’t focus on our conversation anymore. She only said, ‘That’s my weak spot, and you will soon regret that you turned me on that way”. 😉 Leo, I can tell you, this girl really took my breath away. Two days later, I also received a text message from her. She asked me if I’d like to watch a movie with her, and she also wrote that she feel slightly embarassed to ask me something like that. I thought that was funny. A stunning, beautiful woman is embarassed about asking ME out!

This course is backed by udemy’s 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Watch the entire course, and if for any reason you are unhappy, or for no reason at all, you can get a complete refund.

And by the way…

If so far you have been spending $100, $200, $300 on expensive dinner dates that get you nowhere, then your investment in this course here now will pay off a hundred fold – both in money, and in results.

Go ahead and make your dates hot and sexy! Watch and download the entire course, completely risk-free. Click the “Take This Course” button, and we’ll get started right away…

What are the requirements?

  • You should have some source where you can meet women. This can be online dating. It can also just be your morning commute. “Excuse me? I know it sounds silly. But I noticed you. And I couldn’t stop looking. You look fabulous!” (Let her respond.) “Well, it’s great to meet you. I’m Leo. I gotta run. But I’d love to have a glass of wine with you. How about today after work, around six? We could go to Hal’s Bar. What do you say?” (Look into her eyes). I’ve used this in coffee shops, on wine tasting events, in book shops, at the beach. The important thing is that you have to be genuine when you say something like that, and that you continue to breathe. (Sounds silly, but most guys really do forget to breathe when they talk to beautiful girls.)

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 33 lectures and 3 hours of content!
  • turn any general openness on the part of a woman into overt desire (which expresses itself, among other things, in the woman being receptive to making out with you)
  • have sexual experiences with women on their second date (not always, but most of the time)
  • enjoy the presence of a beautiful woman without being nervous (which sets you apart from other men and makes you very attractive to beautiful women)
  • find out with absolute certainty whether or not a woman is open to having a romantic relationship with you, with a minimum of time and money invested
  • have a fulfilling sex life, even if they are abroad or in another city
  • attract their future girlfriend or wife (the first date I had with my girlfriend looked exactly like in the course – many of my students have also turned first dates into relationships)
  • gain the same positive, reinforcing experiences with women and sexuality that many men who are naturally good with women gained early on (often by accident), and which make them so confident and “natural” around women
  • experience intimacy, love and sex with women they desire, without having to impress, without using manipulative tricks, and without having to rely on crutches like money, status or a perfect body

What is the target audience?

  • Men who never were successful with women
  • Men who often “friend zone” themselves with the women they desire
  • Men who would like to spend the least amount of time and money on dating
  • Intellectual men, and men who work a lot with computers, technical things, or abstract concepts (many of my most successful students happen to be engineers, programmers or lawyers)
  • Men who are looking for a relationship or who simply want to become more experienced with women
  • Men who tend to be “dreamers” with women, who fantasize a lot about a woman they like, and who are then often disappointed by themselves when things in real life don’t turn out as romantic as they would like them to
  • Works for men 18-70 (I know of a 73 year old student who uses the course for his online dating; most students are in their 20s and 30s)
  • Works for women you met through online dating, women you met during the day, and women you met in bars or clubs.
  • The course may also help if you have never asked a woman out. It’s hard to ask her out if you are afraid of not knowing what to do on a date (and of “screwing it up”). Seeing what is possible and having a clear plan might give you the motivation to actually approach a woman and invite her to have drinks with you.
  • The course is not for people who already are in a happy relationship. If you’re looking to improve “dates” you have with your wife or girlfriend, then this is not what you’re looking for

Get your Free Udemy Course on The Date Formula: How To Make (Most) Women Melt On Date #1 by clicking here.

Free Udemy Course on The Date Formula How To Make (Most) Women Melt On Date #1

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