winwinWe offer a win-win business platform to show case your products and services. Business owners like yourself will gather here to enjoy greater exposure for your brand. We introduce your brand to our users and let them have a chance to get a free gift, at the same time business owners like you get a chance to promote yourself to people who are interested in you. This is a win-win proposition and our way to connect you to the online world.



In today’s day and age, it doesn’t take long for news to travel. You will get an increase in brand awareness online when you join us. Our people are well connected in the social media sphere, they are fun and love the spirit of sharing. Once they receive our link, they will pass it along through email or posting it on blogs or their social media profile. People like free stuff, plain and simple. And they’re more willing to pay more attention if they hear something from a friend. The power of social media.

buyingBy offering something free, people are more likely to give your business a try. And once they’ve been – assuming the experience was positive – they’re more likely to come back. We all know it’s harder to gain a new customer than keep a current one, and that buyers are creatures of habit. They go with what they know and feel comfortable with. Part of the challenge of a new business – or even an established business – is driving traffic (foot traffic to a retail location or traffic to your website). So now that your location is part of their consideration set, you’re much more likely to gain their repeat business in the future.


People love to get something for free, no strings attached. It makes them happy and brightens their day. By doing this, you can create a positive association with your brand.  Customers remember how special they felt and think highly of you. It’s also about positioning. Sometimes offering a completely FREE appetizer is more appealing to a guest than 15% off their meal, even though the percentage discount might be an actual greater dollar amount. People perceive that they’re getting something for nothing, which makes them giddy. Grow your brand now!

thumbsupThis is a benefit if you want to prove that you have something different or better to offer. People are more likely to try something they normally wouldn’t if it is free and without commitment. That’s why my gym offers a complimentary one-day pass to people considering membership. Same concept. The idea is that if customers try something and like it, or have a positive experience, they’ll buy and then come back for more. Let's encourage people to try your products now!