FREE Udemy Course on Personal Branding: Get It Right With Powerful Brand Design
April 24, 2016

Make Every Client Want Your Product Through Powerful Personal Branding & Brand Design

Did you know you can create a visually powerful brand even if:

  • you have no idea what personal branding is, let alone how to (brand) design
  • your cash cow died of shiny object syndrome last fall AND
  • your schedule is more stuffed than Pamela Anderson’s fake breasts?

My name is Nathalie, I’m a highly-sensitive serial entrepreneur, and I show non-techy small business owners how to build & brand a biz on a budget.

(And how to make every client want your products through powerful personal branding & brand design).   

Crappy branding & brand design will kill your business before you even have a business.


1) Grabbing your ideal client by their eyeballs with powerful personal branding through

  • perfect brand (or product) colors,
  • matching brand (or product) fonts,
  • a great brand logo and
  • beautiful branded social media pages

is the FIRST steps towards entrepreneur’s heaven.

(That’s where countless clients are telling their BFFs, colleagues and librarians about you and ONLY you.)

The next step?

2) Your “special sauce”, i.e. ALL THE AWESOME THINGS which make YOUR personal brand or product so much more attractive than the other ones on Online Square.

3) Add your unique brand copy, and you’ve got the perfect dinner experience.

(Engagement ring hidden in chocolate pudding included.)

YOU: “So what could still spoil my surprise, uuuhhmmm, DIY branding success?

ME: “High costs, little focus and zero fun.”

Do you fancy:

  • a HIGHLY ACTIONABLE course, showing you
  • the crème de la crème of FREE (or super affordable) DIY DESIGN TOOLS and
  • my secret & super effective personal BRANDING SHORTCUTS which will help you
  • generate RESULTS FAST?

(So that you can get back to binge-watching Netflix without feeling guilty?)

Then I want you so “sing along” while I’m designing the brand of fictitious health coach Anna Simpson together with you.


Are you ready for some serious DIY branding & brand design kick-assery to

  • create a powerful biz or product,
  • whip up your special, client-attracting super sauce and
  • learn how to effectively write copy that truly connects with your ideal clients AND makes them want to wallpaper their bedroom with photos of you and your brand?

Then enroll & sing along with me!

I look forward to seeing you in our Personal Branding & Brand Design Classroom!

xo, Nat

What are the requirements?

  • You need an Internet connection

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 37 lectures and 2 hours of content!
  • Know the 3 ingredients for a killer branding
  • Create an irresistible look & feel your dream client will adore
  • Know how to get in your dream clients’ head
  • Come up with the perfect brand color combination
  • Find the perfect brand font combination
  • Create a visually appealing brand logo
  • Quickly brand your social media cover photos
  • Quickly customize your Facebook page
  • Learn how to create a stunning animated About Me video
  • Learn how to write the perfect script for your About Me video
  • Clearly define an attractive unique selling point
  • Effortlessly write copy that truly connects with your ideal client
  • Quickly design a brand from scratch with fun and (almost) free tools

What is the target audience?

  • This course is perfect for small business owners, start-ups and DIY entrepreneurs who want to create a powerful brand DIY style
  • This course if for you when you are a non-techy entrepreneur who wants to build their brand & business strategically
  • This course is exactly what you are looking for when you have little time and little money to spend
  • This course is PERFECT when you want to take action together with me and get results fast
  • This course is for you when you love easy-to-use, fun and (almost) free tools
  • This course is not the right thing for you when you love Photoshop, complicated tools, and rather pay someone else to do the work for you

Get your FREE Udemy Course on Personal Branding: Get It Right With Powerful Brand Design by clicking here.

FREE Udemy Course on Personal Branding Get It Right With Powerful Brand Design

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