Free Udemy Course on How To Use Social Media Sales Funnels To Create BestSellers
August 25, 2015

Are you struggling with social media?

Do you need to get conversions from your social media presence?

Do you want social media to help you get more customers for your business?

I know how you feel, since I was in exactly the same situation 3 years ago. Even worse, I had a good social media presence but while I was still struggling to get likes, tweets and followers I didnt succeed to convert my social media followers into customers.

You get some likes, but not sales…

This course will teach you how to attract more people and earn higher profits from social media networks, in a remarkably easy way to implement. I will explain it in all the details.

Today it’s essential for any person and business to be present on social media.

But this is useless if nobody notices you. And most people almost never get noticed in this noisy social world.

And still some people succeed in connecting all this huge number of people spending time on social networks … to what they have to offer.

For most businesses, social media it is about ‘shout-outs’ to friends, ‘liking’ things, and trying to be “popular’…

Not something that can electrify your business or supercharge your blog.

But if you know how social media really works… and can use it to drive traffic to your blog or your sales conversion funnel…

By creating a conversion funnel based on the huge number of people that spend time on social media, you will start attracting people from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, G+ etc and you’ll find yourself earning money with a simple and tested system.

It can be an incredibly potent, and profitable, tool.

Design an Engaging and Highly Profitable Social Media Conversion Funnel

  • write down the proper strategy for your products and services so that you will know where to promote them, how to do it, where to find free content for that and what type of content can give you an advantage,
  • choose exactly which social networks will work for you so that you will invest your time and money promoting exactly on the networks where your audience spend time,
  • define what is the type of people that will want to connect with you, so that you’ll turn them into devoted followers who will purchase from you over and become ambassadors for your brand,
  • you will use the relationship between your business or blog and your followers as a love story that you help bloom…
  • find out what are the real life behaviors people use when spending time on social media and how you can turn them as tools to promote you and your business
  • connect the social networks that can serve you best with your blog, your email marketing; integrate everyting fast and easily into a automated system that works 24 hours for you
  • set up easily all the components of a conversion funnel that can “feed” your business with fresh supplies of people interested in what you offer. Day by day!

Free Udemy Course on How To Use Social Media Sales Funnels To Create BestSellers

Let’s be honest: a quick Google search will give you millions of pages with techniques about how to use social media.

Some work, some don’t, and some are just plain rubbish.

This course will show you a proven strategy I tested, optimezed and improved in the last 3 years by launching and promoting my own products and coaching services. And other people’s.

I discovered it by noticing how people behave in real life and implementing the exact same behaviors in the hundreds of social media campaigns I managed on Facebook, Twitter, Linkein and StumbleUpon.

Here’s a hint: “it’s very similar to how they behave in real life”.

I will take your hand and show you exactly how I did it, how you can do it and what to do to customize it to exactly what you offer. Nothing hidden, all the details will be revealed here using an easy to understand language.

It is not a course about learning to use the HUGE power of social media. Not at all.

It is about how to implement the HUGE power of social media to earn money. With your products or not … you don’t even need your own product.


As always you have my 30 Day “No Quibble” Money Back Guarantee as my complete involvement in helping you the same way I did in hundreds of campaigns I managed in the last years. Try it, use it, without risking anything!


Remember, after taking the class I am here to help you. Click the link to sign up for the class today!

What are the requirements?

  • Nothing More Than The Desire To Use Social Media Power Into Your Business

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 29 lectures and 2 hours of content!
  • Get Your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin or Instagram Pages & Profiles Increasing Fast
  • Make Your Social Networks Profiles Generate A Steady Flow Of Buyers Easily & Quickly
  • Optimize Your Posting Times And Types To Get The Most Traffic And Visibility
  • Understand How To Create An A to Z Funnel From Social Media To The Checkout Page

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone Who Wants To Create Conversiona Funnels To Convert Social Media Traffic Into Customers
  • Anyone With a Product/Service To Be Sold Online
  • Anyone Who Wants More Traffic From Social Media Networks
  • Anyone Who Wants To Grow Their Blogs By Uisng Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest Or Any Other Social Network



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Free Udemy Course on How To Use Social Media Sales Funnels To Create BestSellers



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