Free Udemy Course on Become an Algorithm Master & Create SuperFast Smooth Software
August 1, 2015





Why should I take this Course ? or precisely I know Programming

Now what is the Difference between knowing Only programming and knowing both How to Make Efficient Algorithms for Software and Programming as well?

You may be a Programmer or You maybe doing many Famous and Awesome Programming Courses.

Then, I believe you might know that, Writing the codes is the second step of making any software .You have to make a Awesome Efficient Mathematical Algorithms first before writing the Codes of your Software, Whether it is C, C#, C++, Swift, Python, Java or HTML.

For example: Suppose you want to make a Software that Generates the Prime Numbers. So what is needed First to make this Software before writing the codes ? It’s obviously a Fantastic, Efficient Mathematical Algorithm.

Look !! honestly speaking Your Programming Courses won’t teach you how to make the Algorithms of Creating any Software .They may Provide you some well known algorithms that are already been used in everywhere.

But what, when you intend to make a software that, no body has even thought before. Then what you will do first ? Sit and start writing codes whatever comes into your head or You will try to create a wonderful efficient algorithm for your Software?

No doubt the second one.

Knowing only the tools (what is function, what is array, how to use them e.t.c…e.t.c) of the Programming Languages won’t help you if want to express your creativity in Computer Science. But If you know How to make the perfect, Logical, Efficient Mathematical Algorithms. Then you can make any Software in any Language you want . And you can Make your Software smooth and Crash free too at the same time.

Have you ever Thought Why Google, Facebook and other Big Software Companies look for the people MOST who are good at Mathematical Algorithm Making Strategies rather than who can write codes ? Because any body can write codes but making the Algorithmic Part is the Game Changing Portion of making any Software.

——TAKE THIS COURSE NOW———————& Explore WHY and HOW———-

So as you have seen Without having a Good Grasp in Mathematical Algorithm Making Strategies while coding your Software, it is like you know how to make a Building but you don’t even have a Blue-Print or Plan for what you are making.

So after working hard for 6 months we have made a Course only for the Programmers to make them best at there programming Career and help you to Become a world class Programmer.

I believe now you have realized the Importance of Mathematical Problem Solving Strategies for the Programmers and I wish you will Join with us in this Voyage of Mathematical Algorithm Making.

So——TAKE THIS COURSE NOW————–Become an Algorithm Master———

For Whom is this Course?

As I have said Mathematics is Everywhere and in Everything and it is the Core of Programming. So…

  • If you are an Engineer (specially Software Engineer)
  • If you are a Developer or Programmer
  • If you want to make efficient, smooth softwares.
  • If you want to get a Boost in your Programming Career and earn more money by making wonderful Programs.
  • If you are interested to participate in Local or International Programming Olympiads
  • If you are interested in Mathematics
  • If you want to amaze your friend and family with your Extraordinary MATHEMATICAL SKILL
  • or If you are frighten of Mathematics.

This Course is just for you and this course will change your category of thinking and it will give you a great positive affect in you daily life.

How This Course will help you to be the best Algorithmic Mathematical Problem Solver ?

Problem Solving is an art that covers three basic elements – 1. Strategy, 2. Tactics and 3. Tools.

In this course we will discuss and apply these three great mathematical tools, which will make you confident, inspired and super flexible in solving any kinds of Mathematical Problems. More on we will solve some classical interesting problems which will make you believe that you are just in the right track.

What makes this Course so BEAUTIFUL ?

  • First of all Please look at the titles of the Sections and Chapters . Looking them closely you will have the gist of the lectures. They are so oriented that you will feel like you are listening a Novel. A journey in the open sea of Mathematics. You can feel the tides of the Problems, sometimes it is strong or sometimes it is stable. You will be amazed looking at the variant Strategies of Solving Mathematical Problems just like the sky at dusk.
  • The Interesting problems that we will solve here , they are not some sophisticated mathematical problems, rather these wonderful problems will take you to the heaven of mathematics and give you the heavenly joy of solving problems. You don’t even feel that you are doing some extraordinary puzzle solving. But when you will feel that you are solving a great Mathematical problem you already have learned something extraordinary which you may not even thought that they are so amazing to learn.
  • We will see some wonderful graphics animations, that will inspire you and make you understand the concept more Comprehensively and Precisely. Because the animations are made so carefully according to the many psychological facts about human Brain on Understanding and Memorizing.
  • We will also see illustrative interpretations of many Interesting Problems by Solving them part by part.
  • Ready-made Lecture Notes, consisting the Scripts of the lectures, uses and applications of what we have learned in the lecture, Important Notes that must be Noticed or Memorized and much more in each lecture make the Course more Rich and Friendly.

What are the requirements?

  • Some piece of papers, a pencil, some enthusiasm and you are ready to be a Mathematical Problem Solver

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 161 lectures and 8 hours of content!
  • You will learn How to solve Critical Mathematical Problems in Programming or development or Financing Sectors
  • If you are a Programmer, you will be mostly benefited since this Course covers the wonderful arts and crafts of Problem Solving Strategies. Which you can use in your Programs
  • You will be Confident , Inspired and Flexible in Solving Classical Mathematical Problems.
  • If you are a High School student who loves mathematics, then you will be at the eve of the curve of your class by taking this Course
  • You will also learn How to deal with Sophisticated Mathematical Problems in International Math Olympiads and Other Contests.
  • And everyone who takes this course will be able to take a deep dive into the sea of Mathematics and they will feel the pure beauty of Problem Solving Strategies.

What is the target audience?

  • This is a Course for the NOVICEs around the world who are interested in solving interesting Mathematical Problems. So that They can participate in International Contests such as International Math Olympiad (IMO), SAT II (Mathematics), and other important exams.
  • More on this is important in order to polish your mathematical skills if you are a programmer or developer. Because it will teach you how to cope with a problem and get out of it


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Free Udemy Course on Become an Algorithm Master & Create SuperFast Smooth Software



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