Free Udemy Course on Learn Proven Research Tools: Save Time and Money HERE NOW
November 9, 2015

What does “Learn proven research tools save time and money here now” have to offer?

Research has a reputation for being a dry subject, some people even think that research is boring, but this is not the case for this course, research is one those subjects that we ALL will have to do at some point in our lives and knowing how to implement research strategies properly can save you time and money that will get you’re the results you are looking for, especially if you are putting a lot of your own time into the project.

Learn proven research tools, save time and money here now, will fill in any gaps you might have on how to start and finish a research project.

You will learn about research methods that will take your research project to the next level, furthermore after going through the course you will have the research tools, to get accurate results, never again will you not be able to research ideas, that lay dormant, use this course to get accurate results faster and save yourself time and money along the way by using these proven research tools properly.

How will the course be structured?

This course will deliver in-depth content throughout the entire course, students will learn the most used small-scale research methods that gets the most accurate results possible, they are:




4.Case studies.


6.Bonus material – market research 101 and Google advance search methods.

What to expect from this course? What kind of materials are included?

Students will learn proven small scale research tools that will equip them for successful research projects.

What will students learn in this course?

Student will be able to learn about research methods, how to research ideas, and learn research tools for successful learning.

How to organize a research project.

How to analyse your findings and find common themes.

Why should you take this course?

  • Student will learn the 9 most effective questions for surveys/Questionnaires.
  • All research material will be broken down into bite size chunks, that is easy to understand.
  • Course hand-outs will be provided throughout each section of the course that has clear advantages/Disadvantages and have guideline/Check-lists to follow.
  • This course can be used for: researching behaviours, researching customer preferences, researching customer satisfactions, researching opinion polls, researching health issues, evaluation existing or new ideas and concepts, validating business ideas (especially for market research), researching audience rating.
  • These life skills can be put on your resume or CV.
  • College and university students can learn these new skills to take into the workplace to enhance their career prospects, These tools are especially good for university students doing their dissertations.

What are the requirements?

  • Students must have a willingness to learn these new skills and then apply them to their research project
  • Students must be willing to put in the time to go through the course x2 times to get the best out of the course
  • Students will need laptop, internet connection, note pad and paper

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 59 lectures and 2 hours of content!
  • Get a deeper understanding of the research methods that you can apply in your professional life
  • Start a research project from start to finish with ease
  • Gain valuable, sought after research skills that employers are looking for
  • Know how to use and implement “Questionnaires”
  • Know how to use and implement “Surveys”
  • Know how to use and implement “interviews”
  • Know how to use and implement “Case studies”
  • Know how to use and implement “Qualitative Analysis”
  • Have the confidence to research any subject matter and get accurate results every time

What is the target audience?

  • This course is aimed at: Business owners/Entrepreneurs
  • This course is aimed at: Students at college and especially university student who are doing their dissertations
  • This course is aimed at: creatives, who want to research a subject matter, but don’t know where to start
  • This course is aimed at: individuals or groups of people (no larger than 9 in a group) who specifically want to do small scale qualitative research
  • This course is not for: large scale research
  • This course is not for: quantitative research
  • This course is not for: seasoned research experts


Get your Free Udemy Course on Learn Proven Research Tools: Save Time and Money HERE NOW by clicking here:

Free Udemy Course on Learn Proven Research Tools Save Time and Money HERE NOW


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