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August 28, 2015

Fasting and detoxification

Not many people do have a good experience with fasting. For many, fasting causes them headaches, shakes and weakness. These people experience these symptoms only after few hours of missing their meal. Hunger means pain for these people. Going without solid food for weeks can be a scary thing for them.

Now as a matter of fact our bodies get only brief amount of time in the night to cleanse. Our body works miraculously when we doze off to take up its cleansing work. When we wake up in the morning, our tongs are coated, breath foul, mind foggy and skin puffy. Well, these are early signs of detoxification.
We undergo negative experience while on detoxification fast (at least for first few days), that’s because fasting detoxifies life time of toxins stored up in fatty tissue and crammed into our bodies. When we go on fast, significant amount of toxins go lose free in your blood stream at rapid rate. That’s when the body gets a big opportunity to throw these toxins out of body. Our liver plays a crucial role here.
Most of the people who have negative experience about water-only-fasting are those who have directly jumped into fasting without spending time with a transition of eating fruits and vegetables. This is a very crucial phase as it prepares your body for fasting and eases detoxification. So the experience they go through (and the impression that they create thereafter) is about bad breath, weakness and headache.
Don’t confuse detoxification with fasting. Complete cleanse is almost impossible when you are eating all time. When your intake of toxins is more than what is removed from the body, the result will be toxic overload. If you are overweight, it is pretty good sign that you are carrying around good amount of toxins that is hindering optimum performance of normal cell function. Most of the toxins are fat soluble, and that’s where they get difficult to be eliminated from the body. During fasting when food no longer enter your body, it turns to food reserves in our body for energy. Food is stored in our body in the form of fat. When the fat is used for energy during fast, stored chemicals and fat-soluble-toxins are released from the fatty acids. These toxins are then eliminated through biochemical functions that happen in your colon, liver, lungs, lymph nodes, kidneys, and skin. That’s why many people during fast smell so terrible.
Fasting also triggers healing process, which is another added benefit. While we fast, we don’t eat anything. That means your digestive system gets no food to mobilize. As a result the energy is diverted which body uses for healing itself. Throughout the night you are literally on mini-fast and that’s the reason most of the healing you must have observed happening during the night. Animals stop eating when they are wounded. We feel less hungry when we are sick, that’s because our body needs the energy to heal itself.
Fasting also triggers rapid weight loss, majorly because the body starts utilizing stored fat for energy. After fast, the body gets accustomed to go without food for few days. The stomach shrinks and is restored to its normal size. People after detox-fast feel satisfied with less food and that’s a perfect sign that you have altered the way you eat.

With this simple and clear guide you can start your fasting cleanse right now.

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FREE at Amazon Fasting Natural way to cleanse your body and mind (Starvation Diet, Intermittent Fasting, Loosing Weight, Improving Health) 1

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