Angular 2 Fundamentals with Typescript: FREE DURING MAY at Udemy
May 16, 2016

This course is up to date with the latest Angular 2 Release Candidate, released on the 3rd of May 2016.

What is in this Course?

This is an introduction to Angular 2 and its surrounding Ecosystem – including Typescript and SystemJs.

Why Learn Angular 2

Angular 2 is clearly the next big thing in the software development landscape ! Angular 2 brings frontend development to a new level of simplicity, and will enable companies to work in the way they always wanted : with teams of Full Stack Developers. Its just not practical to divide functional requests across technological borders.

The familiarity of Angular 2 and Typescript to backend developers typically used to object oriented languages like Java or C# will be the killer feature that will enable its adoption: it looks familiar.

If you are a professional software developer working on an enterprise setting, but also in a consumer-driven organization: You simply must learn Angular 2.

Getting Tired of Javascript Fatigue ?

Javascript Fatigue is a huge issue and quite real, and is very well present in the Angular 2 ecosystem. There are so many tools and frameworks (and many not ideally documented), as well as talks and podcasts on Javascript. Keeping up with this fast moving ecosystem is almost a full time job.

I know from experience that its hard to keep up to date with frontend development and still have a full time job, without investing a large amount of your free time doing technological watch and experimentation.

It’s lots of fun thats for sure, but what if there would be a better way?

What about work-life balance ? Even though its does not feel like work, it somehow kind of is. Wouldn’t you prefer to be up to date technically, and still be able to enjoy a lot of your free time?

Sure, its open source, its all publicly available, the Truth Is Out There 😉  But its scattered across a thousand tweets, blog posts, podcasts and conference talks, and the code.

It shouldn’t be so hard to learn how to build web clients. After all, there is still the backend and all the rest to take care of, right?

Learn and Keep Up with the Angular 2 Ecosystem

I would like to propose you a solution: enroll in my condensed and fast-paced course and let me help you tackle Javascript Fatigue on the Angular 2 Ecosystem.

You really don’t have to spend weeks in research, or fall asleep with your iPad in your hands watching tens of hours of courses just to learn a framework or a tool. That’s just not effective.

What makes for Effective Learning?

Learning is really about focusing on those “HaHa” moments. You remember the things that you understood in that “Light Bulb” moment when finally something  made sense.

Its those moments that I want to deliver to you in each and every lecture, and those alone. I want to cover the “How”, but I want to get you the most important:

The ‘Why’

I want You to know whats under the hood, because its the only way that I can help you become autonomous and productive. If you really understand how things work under the hood, you will just have a much better professional life really.

It boils down to that: its so much better when we just know exactly what we are doing, and when each error message makes perfect sense or is one google search away from being solved.

Conclusion: Enroll and lets get started today: I’m looking forward to help you Get Up to Speed in Angular 2 ! 

This Course In a Nutshell

This course is a fast-paced, engaging and motivational introduction to the Angular 2  Javascript framework. Im very passionate about Angular 2, and want to focus at each step of the way on the “Why” even more so than the “How”.

Each section is carefully thought through and designed to be very concise, and focused on one topic and one topic only.

Each lecture has around 5 minutes and is designed to present one feature of the framework, and tell you in what it will help you build great apps, and what are the Pitfalls. At the end you will just want to view the next section!

Note: the deep dive into how to setup a full dev environment with Typescript, SystemJs and SystemJs Builder does have 10 minutes.

In less than an hour and with the help of the lessons code you will be up and running, and be able to build  Angular 2 components and applications.

Boost your development career and  become what companies are really looking for:  a Full Stack Developer !

Why should you take the course?

When it comes to teaching, Less is More. Spare yourself endless hours watching courses that are aimed mostly at very early stage beginners. 

This condensed course will spare you what can easily amount to a couple of weeks of research, and will give you insights only possible by having used Angular 2 in practice.

The goal of the course is to cover the fundamental aspects of Angular 2 development, establishing some solid ground for getting started using the framework.

Who should take this course ?

The course is designed for intermediate to advanced students (typically students that are professional developers with already some baseline frontend development knowledge).

Course Curriculum

The goal of the course is to lay a foundation on the essentials of the Angular 2 Framework: Template Syntax, Introduction to Components, Core Directives, Directives, Setting Up a Project and Debugging Angular 2 Apps, as well as teach to setup a development environment using Typescript, SystemJs and SystemJs builder.

Course Curriculum in Detail

  • We will first learn about how Angular 2 relates to the MVC paradigm by building our first component, and see the Angular 2 change detection mechanism in action
  • Then we will explore the fundamentals of template syntax, by learning on how to use properties, events, references and attributes and how these can be used together to build well-isolated components
  • We will further apply these same concepts by learning how to build decorating directives, and when these should be used instead of components.
  • We will then cover how each of the Angular 2 core directives work, their syntax and some typical use cases: NgFor, NgStyle, NgIf, and NgSwitch.
  • To finish the course, we will cover how to setup a minimal Angular 2 project using SystemJs and Typescript
  • We will then cap off the course with an introduction on how to debug Angular 2 applications using either Augury or  just the console.
  • There are are detailed instructions to install the lessons code, which uses the same setup Typescript / SystemJS setup described in one of the lessons.

With this course and the code contained in it, you should already be able to put together a large variety of Angular 2 components, as well as feel comfortable setting up a development project and debugging it.

The course is designed to have everything necessary to get you off the ground quickly and start building Angular 2 apps today !

Show me the Code

All code examples are available under the form of a small, isolated node module (as a zip file installable with npm install).

Angular 2 versions covered

This course is updated up to Angular 2 Release Candidate.

*Reminder: Like for all Udemy courses, a full 30 day money back guarantee is provided if the training material does not meet your expectations – and that means FULL refund, no questions asked.

Get your Angular 2 Fundamentals with Typescript: FREE DURING MAY at Udemy by clicking here.

Angular 2 Fundamentals with Typescript FREE DURING MAY at Udemy

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