News Herald May Sweepstakes
April 26, 2015

There are several ways to enter the sweepstakes. There’s no purchase required to register and non-subscribers will receive a free 30-day trial for home delivery and unlimited digital views.

I often encounter this on social media: “Why are you posting articles if we have to pay to see it?”

The simple answer is we’re a business and we have many fine employees at The News Herald who have families to feed. The days of giving everything away for free online are long gone. It was a business model that was outdated and ill-advised and punished loyal print subscribers for subsidizing content for everyone else to read online.

That topic can be discussed at length another time. In keeping with the theme of free, we have an outstanding offer that started Friday and will continue through May. And we hope it will attract new readers and give those that question why we charge a new perspective, one in which will show them our product is well worth the investment as a regional source of in-depth news, sports, entertainment and additional online-only growing content.

We’ve rolled out the “May Sweepstakes,” which will award daily prizes to registered participants, including Visa Gift Cards and News Herald goodies. This contest is open to subscribers and non-subscribers and that’s where I get to those who don’t read regularly.

Non-subscribers (those who live in our wide coverage area) can still sign up and by doing so they will receive a free 30-day trial subscription to The News Herald. All print subscriptions also include unlimited access to our digital offerings, which includes what you find on as well as mobile and our app, both of which also have links to weather, movie times, social media and articles on a variety of topics.

You can enter the sweepstakes in three ways: by calling (850) 747-5050, texting “Win” to (850) 308-1078 or log on to We’ll hook you up with the 30-day trial when you register.

We know you’ll like what you find. Our online-only content is unrivaled in the area and includes mugshots, “Wanted in Bay County,” blogs on topics such as arts and entertainment, music, pop culture, technology, odd news, history, movies, and more. This is in addition to live traffic cameras, court documents and other public records, crime and government files that accompany articles, movie listings with reviews and the ability to buy tickets, photo galleries from our award-winning photographers, videos, social media and reader interaction and even more in the upcoming weeks.

There’s no obligation to enter. Sign up today. We’d love to have you join our big, happy family in print, digital and on social media.

Click here to find out more. Let’s support News Herald!

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