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After completing this course, you will be able to build an effective business case. You will understand what makes a business case, how to prepare one and how to design business cases to persuade decision makers. Understanding what is a good business case will be followed by a description of the functions and elements of […]

Being able to launch a lean startup you are truly passionate about and that helps others is a superpower. Period. Learn how to start your own business that creates a positive impact and completely changes the trajectory of your life vs. things remaining exactly how they are… Most people are too scared to start their […]

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This course will teach you software project management fundamentals, and explain how to use those fundamentals, in different business situations. Who This Course Is For Engineers who need to manage their projects better Non-technical start-up founders who need to manage their technical co-founders or freelance developers whom they hire Not Sure If This Course Is […]

To be successful in life an individual needs commitment,dedication and proven leadership. We believe that life is largely a matter of commitment and it’s a first step to improve quality of life. Every member of family is powerful, able and born to win. With proper coaching, guidance and counseling and individual care everyone can show […]