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Xpresso Coffee with Lingzhi is dark, flavourful and distinctive. For this irresistible beverage, only specially selected Lingzhi and the finest Arabica coffee beans are selected, blended and concentrated to perfection. Perfect for keeping you in tip-top alertness, this roast surprises with a typical espresso taste that is sure to be enjoyed by coffee connoisseurs around […]

Lingzhi-GTJ*: A rare and new species named Ganoderma tsugae var jannieae from Chang Bai Shan, rich in 74 biologically active compounds and with 2 patents. We are giving away 1 Bottle of Scientific Tradition Lingzhi+ Spore Oil Softgel (Premium Selection), $368.00 ( How to win? Like Giftout Facebook page: Leave us a message after […]

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