Free Udemy Course on Resume/CV & LinkedIn Fusion: Path To Dream 6-Figure Careers
July 3, 2015

If you put 2 Football teams on the pitch and get job recruiters to play each other, you would still need to fill up the benches to end up with the same number of Recruiters that have progressed my Resume to the next stage in different Job Applications. Better yet, my success rate for getting the Interview was 100%.

Free Udemy Course on ResumeCV & LinkedIn Fusion Path To Dream 6-Figure Careers 1

The “Get-Any-Job-Interview” Guarantee – Get any job interview, guaranteed.

If you’re not satisfied, I will personally do a Resume makeover for you or return all your money. But more details about this later, first I want to show you what you get with this Course.

Would you like your Resume/CV to be so appealing that you instantly separate yourself from everybody else and land your dream job?

How about getting a 50% salary increase by showing your employer how much value you bring him?

Better yet, how about doing all of these even if you’re switching industries, other candidates have more work experience than you or they come from better schools?

How I NEVER failed getting a Job Interview

With over 32 job applications in my short corporate career, I have never failed to progress after submitting my Resume.

Do I have special achievements that separate me? Did I come from an elite University? Far from it. However, I was aware of the one secret that can make your Resume INSTANTLY stand out from the rest.

Better yet? I’ll share this with you here. I want to be honest. By sharing this piece of information with you, I want you to think “WOW!”… “If he gave away all this valuable information for FREE, imagine what I can get if I take this course now”…

The Secret

See, 90% of people submit Resumes in which they focus on the tasks & responsibilities that they had in various workplaces. However, recruiters barely have time to read Resumes in depth due to the immense number of job applications. In fact, they usually spend 7 seconds or less on each Resume.

That is why you have to shift your focus from your roles & responsibilities to the precise & quantifiable RESULTS that you have brought to every work situation you’ve been in. Ultimately, all hiring managers care about is whether you can come in and add value from the get-go. By using numbers & outcomes, you will make your achievements jump out and subconsciously impress them from the first time they lay eyes on your Resume.

But is there a step-by-step process through which you could apply this Secret?

YES! It’s all in this course…

Take this course now and benefit from my perfected framework on how to revolutionise your Resume. Inside you will discover:

The “Quant” Resume Formula: Instantly communicate your results-driven approach to Recruiters as soon as they lay eyes on your Resume

The One-Liner Sniper: my 3 part Formula for transforming every-single-line of your Resume

Live Resume Transformation: Exclusive access to LIVE transformations of Resumes provided to me by my existing Udemy students

Remember how I said that I like to exceed your expectations? Here are the BONUSES you get with this course:

LinkedIn All-Star Profile: Improve your LinkedIn Profile so that you get approached by recruiters without moving a finger

Video Resume Mastery: Includes a detailed PDF with the resources you need to create your own Video Resume (Hardware & Software)

Resume Template 101: My choice of a Resume Template in Word Format for you to tailor to your own choosing

Here’s why this is a BARGAIN

Can you put a price on great interviewing skills? Let’s take a worst-case scenario.

Let’s assume that your Resume writing skills get only 20% better. And that 20% results in you only getting 1 in 5 of the Jobs your applying for. And let’s not even assume you’re aiming too high – we’re not going for a $20,000 increase in annual salary, but only 20% of that which is $4,000. That in itself has made you earn 20 times (+) more money than you have invested in this course.

Could you figure this out by yourself? Sure, of course you could. It took me 30 Job applications to acquire this knowledge and perfect the process. If we assume a job application took me 3 hours, that’s almost 100 hours. How much are 100 hours worth to you? Time is extremely valuable to me, I’m sure it is to you as well. That’s the amount that you can save by getting access to a quickly implementable process that has been trialed & tested.

The “Get-Any-Job-Interview” Guarantee

I want you to take 30 days and go through this course thoroughly. If (for whatever reason) you are not satisfied after that OR you don’t get the Job Interview that you wanted, then I DEMAND you contact me immediately. I will personally redo your Resume to ensure it is the best version it can be. If you’re still not satisfied, I will return your money, no questions asked.

I hope it’s clear by now that there’s absolutely no risk for you to purchase this product.

Take this course NOW and never fail to get a Job Interview ever again!

What are the requirements?

  • Basic Microsoft Word Knowledge
  • Nice To Have: LinkedIn Profile

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 38 lectures and 3 hours of content!
  • Transform Your Resume Into A Results-Focused Masterpiece That Impresses Recruiters Straight Away
  • Immediately Communicate Value And Why You’re The Right Person For The Job
  • Double Your Profile Views And Significantly Improve Your LinkedIn Profile In Under 30 Minutes
  • Learn How To Create An Awesome Video Resume With Relevant Real-Life Examples And List Of Necessary Materials

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone Who Wants To Build A 6 Figure Career And Wants To Nail The First Step Of The Application Process
  • Anyone Who Doesn’t Think They Communicate The Most Value Through Their Resumes
  • Especially Relevant For Management Consultants or Investment Bankers Where Competition Is Extremely High


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