Free Udemy Course on Leadership Skills Mastery
December 8, 2015

Leadership is uncommon.

Some people believe that you either born with leadership skills and leadership qualities, or your not.

The good news is that leadership skills can be learned and practiced, which means you can can increase your leadership abilities.

If you watch the video above, check out the reviews, previews and description below, then you will get a more clear picture of how this course will help you.

*Course Up to Date as of 12/2/2015*

This is currently The Very Top Paid Leadership Course On Udemy

*2,300+ students in 135 Countries

*25 Student Reviews (Overall Student Rating 4.96)

Here’s a few recent reviews:

“Leadership Skills Mastery

I’ve been in business management consulting for over 25 years. This course covers everything you need to know about leadership. Plus, it’s presented in small, easy to digest doses. The lectures are well-organized and practical.”

-Paula Redding

“Fantastic Course!

If you are searching for a comprehensive course on Leadership than you must take this one.

Ken did a great job in explaining complex concepts in down to earth action steps. He will literally take you from A to Z and provide clear strategies on how to think, behave and communicate as a leader.

Join this Program if you want to make a difference in your life!”

-George Peters

“On the Art of Leadership

It’s rare that you see a well organized course on soft skills – this course is one such example. Leadership sounds easy until you actually experience it. But although difficult in the beginning, it is a skill which you can perfect with training. There is one thing I disagree with: integrity is touted as an important trait to gain trust as a leader. Now I value integrity for the sake of my own conscience and that’s enough of a reason for me. Don’t get me wrong, integrity can certainly help in the beginning, but if this was the key for leadership, the world would be a much better place.”

-Anca Iovita


Wow, I am truly impressed with this course. Clean organization, content is in depth and actionable, instructor is engaging and is passionate about the subject. I was getting a little tired of some of the courses on Udemy, this was refreshing!”

-Richard Moritz

“Amazing Course

Leadership skills are essential to be successful in today’s society. This course is a MUST!”

-John Camboli

This course will take you from knowing nothing about leadership, to teaching you how to think, communicate and behave like a great leader. In short, it will show you how to become a leader.

Here is Some of What You Will Learn:

  • The Basic Definition of Leadership
  • How to Become a Leader
  • What Won’t Give You Real Leadership
  • If You Try to Lead This Way, You Will Fail
  • You Won’t Get Anyone to Follow You, Just by Doing This
  • How to Create Followers That Choose to Follow You
  • How Real Leadership Is Communicated
  • What Real Leadership Is About and It’s Not What You Think
  • To Be a Real Leader, You Have to Do This, Which Is the Opposite of Everyone Else
  • Regardless of Your Leadership Level, I Suggest You Begin to Do This Now
  • Leadership Is More About This than Anything Else
  • One of the Biggest Reasons People Fail in Leadership
  • The Complete Definition of Vision, It’s More than Just Pictures
  • How to Establish a Vision in the Mind of Your Followers the Way Great Leaders Do
  • How to Develop Your Own Leadership Vision
  • Here’s One Huge Mistake People Make When Developing Their Vision
  • A Powerful Tip to Begin to Mentally Bring Your Vision to Life
  • The Little Known Way to Correctly Use Creative Visualization to Begin to Sculpt Your Future
  • What Professional Athletes Have Know for Years and How You Can Benefit from It
  • How to Change Your Mental & Emotional State at Will
  • How to More Easily Access the Creative Parts of Your Brain
  • The Fast & Effective Way to Build Massive Motivation Toward Your Leadership Vision
  • Great Leaders Do This to Get Themselves & Their Followers Excited About Their Vision
  • The Power of ‘Mental Icons’ & How to Use These for Instant Excitement & Motivation
  • How to Continue to Develop & Evolve Your Vision
  • Average People Rarely Do This, but Great Leaders Do It All the Time
  • If Your Vision Doesn’t Have This, You Will Fail
  • What Influence Essentially Boils down To
  • If You Don’t Have This, You’re Followers Won’t Either
  • How to Practice the Real Secret of Motivation
  • What Leading & Managing Yourself Really Means
  • How to Avoid Many Problems in Leadership
  • Your Followers Are Going to Be More Influenced by This than Anything Else
  • The Absolute Worst Way to Lead and How to Avoid Doing It
  • How to Influence Your Followers Without Saying a Word
  • How to Avoid Losing the Respect of Your Team
  • The Importance of The “Know Thyself” Principle and How to Use It to Ensure Your Sending the Right Messages to Your Followers
  • How to Identify Your ‘Leadership Templates’ – the Underlying Blueprint for Your Life
  • The Foundation of Your Decision Making & at the Core of Every Action You Take
  • How to Avoid Accidentally Communicating That You Are Weak and Disorganized
  • How to Win the Respect of Your Followers
  • How a Successful CEO Wins Earns His Followers Admiration
  • How to Apply the Principle of ‘Get Your Hands Dirty’
  • Why Integrity Is so Crucial in Leadership
  • You Have to Have This in Order for Your Followers to ‘Buy-In’ to Your Vision
  • The Master Key to Having Your Followers ‘Buy-In’ to Your Vision
  • Without This, You Won’t Be Able to Lead Anyone
  • How to Build Lasting Trust with Your Followers
  • How to Inspire Your Followers to Live up to Higher Ideals
  • The True Way to Get Your Followers to Willingly Support Your Vision
  • How to Get Your Followers to Open up to You
  • This Is Something You Need to Know in Order to Have Maximum Influence & Loyalty with Your Followers
  • How to Rapidly Build Trust with Your Followers
  • This Has to Happen Before People Will Trust You
  • How to Easily Get People to Listen to You
  • How to Apply the ’70/30′ Rule for Dramatically Better Communication
  • Do This and You Will Quickly Gain Allies
  • How to Get People to Feel Comfortable with You
  • What Other People Are Constantly Doing When You Communicate with Them
  • A Simple Technique to Keep Conversations Rolling for Hours
  • Here’s Another Way to Quickly & Easily Build Trust
  • When Outsiders Think About Leadership, They Think It’s This – but They’re Wrong
  • What Most People Don’t Realize About Real Leadership
  • You Must Know This If You Want to Understand the Essence of Influence
  • How to Build Lasting Loyalty with Your Followers
  • Learn How Real Leaders Think Differently than Non-Leaders
  • When Leaders Do This, Problems Are Soon to Follow
  • How to Avoid Winning the Battle but Losing the War
  • You Must Avoid This Temptation If You Want to Be an Effective Leader
  • How to ‘Reverse Engineer’ Your Way to Success
  • How to Identify Your Followers Motivation for Being Part of Your Vision
  • How to Avoid Annoying Your Team
  • If You Allow Your Followers This, the Results Might Surprise You
  • How to Avoid Becoming Overly Bogged down with Details
  • How to Save Time, Avoid Problems & Make Better Decisions with This Simple Tip
  • A Simple Way to Begin Thinking Like a Great Leader
  • Some Say That This Is the Only Way to Improve Your Leadership Skills
  • Here’s a Rarely Used Secret to Improve Your Massively Improve Your Listening Skills
  • Another Little Known Fact About Great Leaders
  • Why Listening Is so Critical in Leadership
  • How to Quickly Transmit Respect to You Followers
  • If You Don’t Do This, Your Leadership Skills Will Suffer
  • How to Build Strong Links in Your Leadership Chain
  • How to Find out How Effective Your Leadership Is
  • Learn the Most Important Factor in Influence
  • 4 Ways to Dramatically Increase Your Listening Skills
  • How to Get People to Willingly Be Influenced by You
  • Learn an Elusive Secret About Communication
  • Most People Miss This Enormous Obvious Fact About Persuasion
  • It’s Impossible to Become a Great Leader Without This
  • The Secret Master Key to All Influence
  • How to Touch Your Followers Emotionally with Your Message
  • If You Do This, You’ll Be Head & Shoulders Above Most Leaders
  • How to Greatly Magnify the Power of Your Message
  • How to Become a Leader
  • How to Pick up on Important Clues You Were Missing Before
  • The Foundation to Making Friends, Building Trust & Persuasion
  • Almost Everyone Is Missing This When They Communicate with Each Other
  • The Hidden Dance That Takes Place in Communication
  • How to Easily & Quickly Gain Rapport with People
  • How to Increase the Effect of the Persuasion Skills You’re Learning
  • How to Have People Listen & Relate to You
  • 3 Methods to Greatly Improve the Power and Effectiveness of Your Speaking Skills
  • You Need This in Order to Communicate Your Vision to Your Followers
  • Here’s How Great Communicates Deliver Their Message
  • You Need to Do This Before You Ever Open Your Mouth to Say a Word
  • How to Avoid Moving Your Followers in the Wrong Direction
  • One Word You Must Eliminate from Your Vocabulary When Speaking with Your Followers
  • A Simple Way to Increase the Impact of Every Word You Say
  • How to Avoid Creating Confusion or Being Misunderstood
  • How to Speak to Your Followers Emotions & Intellect
  • You Only Need to Master a Few of These to Become a Master Communicator
  • Don’t Even Think of Trying to Deliver a Message Before Remembering This
  • Do You Want to Have Lasting Impact on Your Followers? Here’s a Little Shortcut…
  • How to Capture the Imagination of Your Audience
  • 1 Simple Technique to Grab Your Followers Attention
  • How to Avoid Sounding Boring, Deflated & Forgettable
  • Are You Making This Leadership Mistake?
  • How to Inspire Your Followers, Even If You’re Not a Great Public Speaker
  • What Most People Don’t Realize About Stories
  • How to Use One of the Most Powerful Techniques There Is for Persuasion & Influence
  • How to Use Stories to Overcome Resistance
  • Why Stories Are so Powerful & How They Affect Your Listener’s Brain
  • Here’s Why I Love Storytelling
  • How to Quickly & Easily Improve Your Storytelling Skills
  • The Smart Way to Motivate Your Team
  • Here’s What Great Leaders Do to Influence People
  • How to Use Simple Metaphors to Get Your Follower Buy-In
  • List of Ready to Use Metaphors
  • The little Known Secret to Startling Levels of Influence
  • How to Use the Leadership Storytelling Blueprint
  • An Easy Way to Remember and Record Influential Stories
  • How to Supercharge a Story Using ‘the Re-Visiting Technique’
  • A Simple Technique to Gain Maximum Effect with Storytelling
  • The Quick Way to Develop Your Storytelling Skills
  • How to Think in Terms of Stories for Powerful Persuasion Power
  • How to Package Your Ideas to Be More Engaging, Memorable & Fun
  • How to Help People More Easily Understand Your Message
  • The Fast Method for Training Your Brain for Automatic Influence
  • How to Strengthen Your ‘Mental Muscles’ by Using Your Left & Right Brain
  • The Good News About Storytelling & Storytelling Language
  • How to Use “The Alternate Universe of Imagination” for Increased Creativity
  • How to Enhance the Quality of the Practice for Greater Results
  • How to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing Fast & Early
  • Do This to Positively Re-Wire Your Brain
  • How to Quickly Enhance Your Communication Skills
  • How to Magnify Your Leadership Abilities & Influence
  • The Keystone of Successful Coaching
  • Why You Need Coaching Skills as a Leader
  • The Neat & Tidy Way to Expand Your Influence
  • Becoming The Strongest Link In Your Leadership Chain
  • How to Increase Your Team’s Performance & Production
  • How to Improve Your Coaching Skills
  • The Little Secret of Successful Coaching
  • Understanding the “Pygmalion Effect” & How to Apply for Peak Performance
  • If You Get This Wrong, You’re Stopped Dead in Your Tracks
  • The Starting Point of Effectively Coaching Your Followers to Personal Greatness
  • What Outsiders Don’t Realize About Influential Coaching
  • Unless You Do this, You Won’t Be Able to Coach Your Followers Past Their Limitations
  • A Simple Way to Get Your Followers to Produce More
  • An Infinitely Stronger Approach Than Trying to “Crack the Whip”
  • How To Position Your Coaching Suggestions for Maximum Effect
  • A Tried & True Technique for Motivating Your Followers
  • Action Item: Applying What Your Learn

Why You Should Take This Course:

  1. Increased Leadership Confidence
  2. Become More Influential
  3. More Mental Discipline
  4. Enhanced Creativity in Leadership
  5. Develop Leadership Perspective
  6. Overcome Limiting Beliefs
  7. Avoid Common Leadership Mistakes
  8. Better Organizational Skills
  9. Learn to Think and Behave Like a Real Leader
  10. Make Better Leadership Decisions
  11. Rapidly Build Trust With Others
  12. More Self-Respect
  13. Establish Loyalty With Your Followers
  14. Overcome Your Leadership Fears
  15. Greater Control Over Your Emotions & Thoughts
  16. Become More Productive
  17. Establish Successful Leadership Habits
  18. Ability to Use Your Mind Effectively for Goal Achievement
  19. Stronger Sense of Self & Leadership Identity
  20. Develop Lasting Leadership Qualities

Why Learn from Me?

  • Over the Past 15 Years, I’ve Successfully Lead Championship Sports and Top Producing Business Development Teams.
  • I have Over 13 Years Experience Working with CEOs & C-Level Decision Makers for some of the Leading Companies in The World.
  • I’ve overcome just about every challenge that life has offered me with the same tools I am teaching here
  • 9,900+ Udemy Students in 135 countries
  • 244 Student Reviews (Overall Student Rating 4.94)
  • 6 Courses – 4 are Ranked #1 in their Categories
  • Member of A.C.E. (Association for Coaching Excellence)
  • Studying and Practicing Peak Performance Techniques for 12 years.
  • My instruction is simple, straight forward and provides practical ways to get started immediately.
  • 20 year Total Track Record of Success in Highly Competitive Environments (Sports, Business)
  • Certified Mental Strength Coach

What Should I Do Now?

Give this course a chance to help you increase your leadership skills, expand your influence and achieve your leadership vision by enrolling today. You can truly change your life. I’m looking forward to seeing you on the inside if you choose to enroll.

I invite you to notice that every moment that you’re not leading the way in life, is time wasted pursuing someone else’s dream. It’s time that you learn how to become a leader.

So you can, breath, relax, enroll in the course now and begin to command the life you deserve!

What are the requirements?

  • An Open Mind
  • Internet Access
  • Willingness to Apply What is Learned

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 34 lectures and 3.5 hours of content!
  • Rapidly Build Trust & Establish Lasting Loyalty with Your Followers
  • Develop a Compelling & Crystal Clear Leadership Vision
  • Make Better Decisions & Save Time by Learning to Think Like a Real Leader
  • Think, Communicate & Behave Like a World Class Leader
  • Melt Resistance & Influence Your Followers Using Only Your Words
  • Coach Your Followers to Motivate Themselves to Personal Greatness
  • Develop Rock Solid Leadership Confidence
  • Effectively Lead & Manage Yourself
  • Speak More Persuasively
  • Build a Powerful Leadership Identity
  • Create a Meaningful Leadership Morning Routine

What is the target audience?

  • This course is primarily for beginning and intermediate level leaders
  • This course is also for experienced Leaders who are not getting the results they are looking for
  • This course is not for veteran Leaders who are happy with their results

Get your Free Udemy Course on Leadership Skills Mastery by clicking on this link.

Free Udemy Course on Leadership Skills Mastery

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