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Do you know in which ways the loading speed of your website affects your visitors, sales and costs. Using and applying techniques from this course you can minimize Bounce Rate, increase conversions, make SEO improvements, save hosting costs and have overall better user experience by simply improving your website speed? Who is the target audience? […]

Welcome to WordPress Marketing A-Z: WordPress Wizard!  As a member you have full access to this crash course on how to use WordPress to drive traffic, promote your offers, and cash in with online marketing.  The WordPress Marketing A-Z: WordPress Wizard course consists of 3 modules: WordPress 101 In this module you’ll learn everything you need […]

This course explains the necessary steps needed to successfully backup and restore your WordPress blog to a functional state. A backup of your blog is vital in many situations. The course describes how to manually backup and restore your blog and how to automate this tasks by using plugins. The course includes video tutorials and […]

This course is an introduction to Django specifically targeted at WordPress or intermediate web developers. In this course we will walk through everything from the basic principles of python to developing a full e-commerce system using the Django framework. Some of the sections include: Discussing the differences and similarities between php and python Setting up a functional python workspace Creating […]

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