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Thank you for being here and choosing to learn with Eazl, Winner of Udemy’s Innovation Award and 6x Bestselling Content Team! Learn resume writing, CV writing, cover letting writing, personal branding, interview preparation, professional networking, and more! “A very informative course with a great suite of downloadable materials. There are many techniques that I have never considered while conducting […]

This course will include topics on What is Callback What is CallbackHell How to avoid CallbackHell using Async.js How to avoid CallbackHell using Promises How to avoid CallbackHell using Async/Await What is Promise What is Promise Chaining How to run  Asynchronous tasks in the Series using Promise Chaining How to run  Asynchronous functions in the Parallel using Promise.all How to run Asynchronous functions in […]

Transform your blended family from discouraged and disjointed to more closely connected than ever before! This course is especially designed for blended family parents and step-parents, and will guide you on the journey. In this course: You will discover the four obstacles that all blended families face. You will learn the four keys to unlocking blended family success. You will practice […]

This course will exclusively focus on customers’ psychological master keys and practical techniques that will upgrade your selling skills and will take your sales to the NEXT LEVEL. Caring about your customers is a crucial part of growing a successful business. Customers have needs and steps that they go through that convinces them to buy […]

This E-learning module aims to help you understand various types of health insurance, specifically the basic insurance schemes provided by CPF Board to protect you. CPF stands for Central Provident Fund. It is the social security savings plan for Singapore. In this module, we will cover the following: Understanding Health Insurance; Types of Health Insurance […]