Free Udemy Course- Save on a Computer: Run Windows, Mac, & Linux w/ VirtualBox
May 17, 2015

UPDATED: Over 1900 students have already taken this course with 100% 5-star reviews! Why?

I work hard to serve every student who enrolls the best I can and help them through any issues. I am committed to your success from the first moment, as you can see in the course discussions. See what students say for yourself:

Will had this to say:
” I have tried many vm tutorials and yours is the only one that works.

Gabriel said this:

“The course is very straight forward, short, fun and Ryan is a great instructor, taking care of any questions you might have.”

The most important thing you can get in a course is an instructor that cares about what you need and will help you get it. I know, because I’m a life long student myself. Anyone can buy a book to try to learn something, but until you have the support of someone who has been through what you’re attempting, you aren’t going to get anywhere. That’s why I continue to add feedback to this page, so you can see that beyond making HD video and adding more value to this course, I am committed to help everyone who joins this course. It makes a big difference whether or not the course is effective in helping you reach your personal goals. It matters to me.

I use VirtualBox every day to test software on virtual machines, and I too was frustrated with the lack of good usable tutorials on the web, YouTube, and elsewhere. That is the reason I created this course. I wanted to share what I’d learned after being in the same boat as Will was. Now, anyone who joins us will be able to learn the skill that so many students have found useful already.

This course is so popular because it can potentially save you $1000 or more on buying a new computer. You’ll learn how to install all the major operating systems on the current computer you have, for free (unless you have to buy Windows of course).

What You Will Learn:

How to use VirtualBox to run operating systems on your current computer. VirtualBox is a free application but don’t let the price tag fool you. VirtualBox is a powerful piece of software that will allow you to use all popular operating systems on the same computer without buying a new one. This course is perfect for anyone wanting to develop iOS applications on a Windows computer (that;s right, I did say WINDOWS on purpose). Using VirtualBox, you’ll see how to install Xcode and Mac OS X Mavericks on a Windows computer as well as installing Linux and Windows as well.

Recent Additions:

  • How to Install Mac OS X Mavericks on Windows
  • Install Xcode 6 on Mac OS X on a Windows computer
  • How to Install Windows 10 Preview
  • Added nearly an hour of new video at the same price

Here’s what you will be able to do in this course:

  • Download and Install VirtualBox
  • Learn best practices for configuring VirtualBox for your needs
  • Create virtual machines for Windows, Mac OS X, and Ubuntu Linux
  • Install and configure the following operating systems:

Mac OS X Mavericks & Xcode 6 (including Swift)

  • Learn to install Mac OS X Mavericks on a Windows computer
  • Learn to install Xcode 6 and Swift on a Windows computer (using a Virtual Machine)
  • Learn to fix the display resolution on Mavericks for best results

    Finally mobile app developers can develop Android and iOS apps on the same computer without paying a ton of money for two computers. No more being locked into one operating system.

Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS)

  • Learn how to install the latest version of Ubuntu Linux

5 Versions of Windows

  • Learn how to install Windows including these versions:
    • Windows XP
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 8.1
    • Windows 10 Preview (can’t even buy Windows 10 yet)

This course contains nearly 2 hours of video on how to get the most out of VirtualBox. including all the details on fixes and best practices you’ll need to run any operating system you want without buying another computer to do it. There is no other course on Udemy like it that includes so much, all with a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. You really have nothing to lose! Enroll today and get started with VirtualBox. Don’t spend $1000 or more on a new computer without at least trying this method first.

5-Star Instructor Support

I personally assist every student with any issues that come up. If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, you have Udemy’s 30 day money back guarantee, no joke. I want you to succeed, so I am here to help with anything you need, and if I can’t help you then there is no reason to be stuck with this course. Reaching your goals and learning new skills is what really matters.

Enroll Today! Thank You!

What are the requirements?

  • You need a computer with Windows, or Mac, or Linux on it (any version)
  • Internet access
  • Basic knowledge of how to use a computer
  • Basic knowledge of how to download and install software

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 27 lectures and 2 hours of content!
  • Install Mac OS X and Xcode on a Windows computer (with VirtualBox)
  • Preview Windows 10 on VirtualBox now before anyone else
  • Run other operating systems safely on your current computer
  • Setup another operating system without having to dual-boot

What is the target audience?

  • Mobile developers who want to develop iOS on Windows without buying another computer
  • Anyone who needs to use Windows, Mac OS, or Linux but doesn’t have it installed
  • Web Developers or those learning it who need to test older browsers

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