Free Udemy Course on PowerPoint + Excel Fusion: Exec Strategies (+250 Slide Deck)
June 20, 2015

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Get a Stunning 250+ Slide Deck for FREE after enrolling in this course…

Free Udemy Course on PowerPoint + Excel Fusion Exec Strategies (+250 Slide Deck)

What would it be like if each and every one of your presentations were stunning and impressed your attendees, co-workers, senior managers or investors without you saying a word yet?

How about transforming raw data from Excel and turning it into beautiful Charts & Graphs that impress and save you countless hours of work every month?

The “Stunning Presentation” Guarantee

Commit to take action and I GUARANTEE your Presentation skills will improve tremendously. If that’s not the case, I will personally train you to achieve the results you desire. But more on the guarantee later…

The Secret

You might have wondered how Management Consultants and Investment Bankers always churn out presentations that look incredible. I mean, give them credit, once you see their decks you instantly think to yourself “This guy sure knows what he’s talking about…”

How do they do it? Are they more clever than us? Do they have a talent for crafting presentations and manipulating spreadsheets that we simply don’t possess?

No. They simply have more resources available to them & the necessary training to take advantage of them. In fact, I’ll even share with you what they have and you might not:

  1. Company specific PowerPoint Templates – they don’t have to break a sweat to create amazing looking slides.
  2. Knowledge about PowerPoint Design – they know how to manipulate those templates and make them work for them
  3. Knowledge about Excel Charts & Tables – they manipulate raw data in Excel and link it to PowerPoint effortlessly
  4. Specialised software – they use this to make their charts more interactive in PowerPoint and link them to Excel

So there you go. I’ve just laid out to you what you need to reach that level.

But imagine how much time & money you would save if you took this course and in little more than 3 hours get to that level…

The Course

This course is specifically built to make you reach that level . Learn exactly how to make full use of Excel & PowerPoint:

  • PowerPoint Design Fundamentals: Learn how to design PowerPoint decks that will WOW those around you and will make them perceive you as a master presenter
  • Excel Fundamentals: Create stunning charts & tables that can be seamlessly integrated in your presentations
  • The Secret Ingredient walkthrough: Learn what software & tricks Management Consultants use to create mind-blowing data-driven presentations.

Plus, 3 bonuses:

  • A FREE PowerPoint template with over 200 unique slides strategically built for you to reuse in corporate presentations and client pitches. This will drive you results straight out of the box!
  • The Essential Keyboard Shortcuts PDF to maximise your PowerPoint & Excel efficiency
  • 10 Fill-in-the-Data Done-for-You Secret Charts that make your presentations exciting

The Guarantee

If after 30 days you don’t feel like you’ve taken your presentation skills to another level, then I demand you contact me immediately. Apart from refunding your money, I will personally train you via:

  • Analysing your PowerPoint template – overall design elements & Excel charts
  • 30 minute coaching call: discuss aspects you struggle with and help you overcome them

I hope you can see by now, there is absolutely no risk when purchasing this course.

Enroll now and take your PowerPoint & Excel skills to the next level!

What are the requirements?

  • PowerPoint Fundamentals – I will not teach you how to create content, but will focus on PowerPoint Design & Efficiency
  • Excel Fundamentals – I will NOT teach you formulas or macros, but how to present your data in Excel and automate it to PowerPoint
  • Get Microsoft Office, preferably 2007 or later

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 43 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
  • Create Stunning PowerPoint Presentations
  • Use Excel To Create Intuitive Graphs & Charts
  • Automate Their Presentations with Excel & PowerPoint + The Secret Ingredient
  • Effortlessly Create & Maintain Data-Driven Presentations

What is the target audience?

  • Anybody who creates presentations in PowerPoint on a consistent basis & wants to take it to the next level
  • Anybody who uses Excel to juggle a lot of data and wants to save time while making their graphs & charts look amazing
  • Entrepreneurs holding seminars, Startup founders pitching investors, Senior Managers presenting to their CEOs, Partners holding a sales pitch for clients
  • Take this course if you are serious about taking action and want to achieve measurable progress in the near future

Get your Free Udemy Course on PowerPoint + Excel Fusion: Exec Strategies (+250 Slide Deck) by clicking on this discount link.

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