Free Udemy Course on Hatha Yoga & Vinyasa Yoga for Beginners! Green Yoga
December 20, 2016

Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga For Beginners, is not just another typical Yoga program. This amazing yoga course includes a lot of different other systems such as Pilates, Karana Yoga, Restorative poses, Sotai Yoga,Yoga Nidra and more! It is my firm belief  that we humans are an integral part of Nature and that’s why I wanted to share this course with you in the outdoors, right in the heart of Nature! This way you will balance mentally and physically rediscovering your inner path!

********** For a better student engagement and for a better learning experience, this course comes with FULL English Subtitles! **********

”Green Yoga Course”.is part two in a series of three. There are  two more parts in the series, the Sea Yoga Course and the Earth Yoga Course.The GREEN YOGA course is divided into two parts. The first part is intended
for beginner level students. Beginners will first deal with the Karanas, the 3 Basic Breathings and the Yoga Nidra. The second
part is intended for intermediate level students.Intermediate students can do all the lectures in the course. The goal of this course is to learn how to increase the flexibility of our legs especially by using the Self Sotai Yoga!

We’ll start off by the main Green Yoga Course. In this Special Vinyasa Flow lesson, we’ll begin with Karana Yoga, a special therapeutic warm up for Legs, that prepares the body for the Yoga Asanas! We will continue with Supine Asanas, and we’ll learn how to increase the flexibility of our legs especially by using the Self Sotai Yoga. With Standing Asanas we will additionally strengthen our legs! With the Pranayama Sitali & Sitkari we will learn how to relax our nervous system and our mind!

We will then move on to the 3 Basic Breathing Exercises! There, we will learn how to practice these 3 Breathings i.e. the Thoracic Breathing, the Rib cage Breathing, and the Rib cage – Thoracic Breathing. The purpose of these techniques is to teach us how to start breathing through the nose. We will continue with the more demanding ”Ujjayi Breathing”. With Ujjayi Diaphragmatic Breathing, we will learn how to focus our mind and relax our body, so that Asanas are more easily performed during our Yoga practice.

We will then deal with the Philosophy of Yoga and learn about ”The 5 Koshas” or Sheaths in Sanskrit. We will also learn about the meaning of OM Mantra, also known as the Cosmic Sound!

Finally, we will implement everything we’ve learned with practical exercises and custom Yoga Routines!

In this Special Vinyasa Flow lesson,  you’ll learn how to:

● Prepare your joints by using the specialized exercises for the mobilization and warm-up of a joint so that you can get on with the main Yoga exercises without risking the complication of sustaining an injury.

● Synchronize your breathing and movement, by giving your body the necessary strength and endurance, and most importantly learn how to put your Lymphatic system into motion

● Strengthen your muscular system, your bones and all your internal organs by using Yoga’s isometric exercises

● Rest and relax your nervous system by using Yoga’s passive resuscitation techniques and finally

● Relax consciously with Deep Relaxation at all levels by using Yoga Nidra, known as “The Yogic Sleep”

What are the requirements?

  • A yoga mat or a large towel
  • A yoga block (For beginners)
  • Clothing that is stretchable and comfortable
  • A good mood ( Sattvic Yogi)

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Practice a COMPLETE and DIFFERENT Vinyasa Flow Yoga class
  • Learn the imporntance and benefits of special preliminary breathing
  • Practise the specialized therapeutic exercises, the ”Karanas” and prepare your body for the Yoga Asanas
  • Prepare your body for the passive postures of Yoga with the Restorative poses
  • Relax your Mind, your Body and your Consciouness with Yoga Nidra, kown as the ” Yogic Sleep”
  • Get in Contact with the 4 basics elements: The Sun (Vitamin D), the Earth (soil,grass), the Air (oxygen), the Water (sea)
  • Increase your Vital Energy
  • Create and maintain a Balance for all the systems in your body
  • Reduce your blood pressure
  • Have an easy and more relaxed sleep
  • Increase your musculoskeletal flexibility
  • Get rid of toxins that are accumulated in your body
  • Improve the posture of your body and correct your spinal cord aligniment

Who is the target audience?

  • This yoga course is meant for students who have no or little yoga experience (1-2 years)
  • People who have a lot of stress in their lives
  • People who have Respiratory diseases
  • People with obesity problems
  • People with back problems ( in lower and upper back)
  • People without a good physical condition

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