September 15, 2015

Get yours at BALSAM HILL USA now!


The “All Treats, No Tricks at Balsam Hill” (“Sweepstakes”) entry submission begins at 9:00 a.m. PST on September 8, 2015 and ends 8:59 a.m. PST on September 20, 2015 (“Sweepstakes Period”). Entrants can join the sweepstakes daily with the following cut-off for entries:
Day 1: September 8 – 9:00a.m PST- September 9 – 8:59 a.m PST
Day 2: September 9 – 9:00a.m PST- September 10 – 8:59 a.m PST
Day 3: September 10 – 9:00a.m PST- September 11 – 8:59 a.m PST
Day 4: September 11 – 9:00a.m PST- September 12 – 8:59 a.m PST
Day 5: September 12 – 9:00a.m PST- September 13 – 8:59 a.m PST
Day 6: September 13 – 9:00a.m PST- September 14 – 8:59 a.m PST
Day 7: September 15 – 9:00a.m PST- September 16 – 8:59 a.m PST
Day 8: September 16 – 9:00a.m PST- September 17 – 8:59 a.m PST
Day 9: September 17 – 9:00a.m PST- September 18 – 8:59 a.m PST
Day 10: September 18 – 9:00a.m PST- September 19 – 8:59 a.m PST
Day 11: September 19 – 9:00a.m PST- September 20 – 8:59 a.m PST
Day 12: September 20 – 9:00a.m PST- September 21 – 8:59 a.m PST

For purposes of this Sweepstakes, a day is defined as beginning at 9:00 a.m PST and ending at 8:59 a.m PST the following day to complete the 24hr cycle (each, a “Daily Entry Period”). Balsam Hill’s computer is the official timekeeping device for the Sweepstakes.

Winner announcements per day should be published at 10:00 a.m PST, the day after collection of entries.


The Contest will use “Gleam” as its Official Contest App. Entrants can complete several steps to increase their chances of winning.

During the Sweepstakes Period, entrants must complete and submit the entry form on the contest tab found in the Balsam Hill Facebook page ( Using the Official Contest App, entrants must complete the following steps with corresponding points to claim their entries:

1. Visit the official Balsam Hill Facebook Page( +1
2. Follow the Balsam Hill Google+ page ( +2
3. Follow Balsam Hill on Pinterest ( +2
4. Follow Balsam Hill on Instagram ( +2
5. Follow Balsam Hill on Twitter ( +2
6. Tweet about the contest on Twitter +3 daily
7. Retweet the Official Contest announcement on Twitter +3
8. Visit the Balsam Hill website ( +1 daily
9. Enter your Email Address to Subscribe to our Newsletters +3
10. Sign up to subscribe to the Halloween/Fall Décor Catalog +5
11. Share with friends and followers +3

Each participant in the Sweepstakes must be the rightful owner or have authorized use of the e-mail account indicated by the participant’s e-mail address. In the event of a dispute concerning the identity of the winner submitting an entry, the winner will be deemed to be the person in whose name the e-mail account is opened. The e-mail account must be opened prior to the commencement of the Sweepstakes.

No automated entry devices, bots and/or other programs and/or software are permitted for entry. Balsam Hill reserves the right to disqualify any winner whose winning entry appears to have been the result of mechanical reproduction or other violations of these official rules.

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