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This course takes us step-by-step through some basic GIT operations.  The course will not dive too deep, and takes small steps on each of five days.  As we continue through the course, we learn a basic, single-person workflow that could allow anyone to store files at GitHub or BitBucket. Additionally, the course gives us a chance to determine […]

Are you feeling left out of the Cryptocurrency trend? Learn about Cryptocurrency like a pro in under 30 minutes. This course is a rational perspective on Cryptocurrency. Don’t get carried away by social media trends and mainstream news about Bitcoins and other Crypto Coins. Get ahead of the crowd and know the story behind trends. This course teaches about Bitcoin/Alt Coins that coin traders […]

– What is this course all about? Front End Development is a trending job, engaging, well paid and full of challenges and wonders. This course will teach you the skills to kickstart a career in Front End Development, assuming no previous knowledge of any of the topics presented. NOTE: a basic knowledge of how to […]