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Unleash the Full Power of Microsoft Excel Wow! How did you do that? This is something you’re going to hear over and over again from your boss and co-workers as you apply the features you’ll master as you participate in this course. Microsoft Excel users use only a small percentage of what the application is […]

Quickly Learn How to Master Microsoft Excel 2013 and 2016 – Beginner Become Proficient with Excel and it’s Powerful Data Functions Using These Training Classes Great for personal and professional finances Use conditional formatting to see what numbers matter most Bring information from various files and documents together Unlock the potential of your data with […]

Are you a Microsoft Excel user? How well do you know the program? Can you do most actions in Excel without using your mouse? If not: Stop wasting time. Learn to save several minutes each day by slightly tweaking your workflow. Discover 16 ways to work more efficiently with Workbooks in Microsoft Excel. So… Become […]

Don’t waste your time on long, boring course that you may never finish. Learn essential Microsoft Excel skills in 1 hour that will help you to: Save time Boost earning potential Impress your boss This course will help those with a basic understanding of Excel to turbocharge their skills (and become the office superhero). It […]