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This course is part of “Big data Internship Program”  which is aligned to a typical Big data project life cycle stage. Foundation Ingestion Storage Processing Visualization This part 1 course is focused on the foundation of Big data . It cover technical and non-technical items like Technical Foundation Refresh your knowledge on Unix Java based on usage into Big Data . Understand  […]

Data Analytics is a core part of any service based company now, more and more companies are pushing distributed computing and analytical processing into mainstream solution offering. With these current industry requirements and the business need to provide customer intrinsic needs, its important to identify and work on offering solution by understanding customers historical and […]

The objective of this course is to walk you through step by step of all the core components in Hadoop but more importantly make Hadoop learning experience easy and fun. By enrolling in this course you can also get free access to our multi-node Hadoop training cluster so you can try out what you learn […]