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To find a way back home, you must become a Titan. The Guardian has tricked you, Avatar. After you defeated Batlin on Serpent’s Isle, he banished you to Pagan, a world under his control. Once, it was a beautiful land, but ever since the ancient battle between the Elemental Titans and the evil “Destroyer”, it […]

The days of boring websites are gone forever. In the past, the technical limitations of HTML coding and the slowness of most Internet connections made it impractical to provide web users with any serious audio-visual experience. A page might have featured an interesting table-based layout, an animated gif or two, a link to a RealAudio […]

WWE 2K15 for PC Giveaway
April 29, 2015

Hey there wrestling people: we’re giving away two PC copies of WWE 2K15. The most recent WWE game is a real humdinger, with a My Career mode that starts you off in the developmental depths of NXT and can lead all the way to the main event of Wrestlemania (sadly Starrcade and Halloween Havoc will […]

Dirty Bomb Beta Giveaway
April 26, 2015

Enter for a chance to win access to the Dirty Bomb beta. GameSpot and Splash Damage have teamed up to offer a ton of beta codes for their newest shooter, Dirty Bomb an online free-to-play multiplayer FPS. What’s Dirty Bomb? “Dirty Bomb takes first person shooters back to their purest roots in a fast-paced team […]

Promo codes are those given during giveaways, contests, etc. They can be redeemed for cool items such as costumes, boosts, and new heroes. The table below has the list of all sources for Promo codes. Redeem the keys at: Login or register if you have not, then go to “Profile” on the top right […]