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Interested to have a hands-on experience making the lantern using wire and glass paper together with your child? Check for the details and register now! ^^ See Cheras LeisureMall Malaysia for more info. Parent & Child Lantern Making Contest 2015 亲子灯笼制作比赛 Date: 16 September 2015 (Wednesday) 11am Venue: Level 2 Cravings Lane (nearby Sasa […]

FREE goodie bag at Sephora Malaysia
September 12, 2015

MINI BEAUTY ATELIERS: We’re giving you one more reason to swing by Sephora this weekend. Get to know your skin better with our customized skin care consults by our Master Beauty Advisors & learn more about how to use each beauty gadget to pamper your skin! Bonus: Be treated to a goodie bag after your […]

Join the “Know Your Kitchen Appliances Trivia” now and win attractive kitchen appliances! Just follow these simple steps and answer the trivia question below: Step 1: ‘LIKE’ Harvey Norman Facebook page. Step 2: ‘COMMENT’ Make a good guess on the trivia questions provided (answers can be found on the product page on the website) and […]

FIRST CARE ACTIVATING SERUM EX First Care Activating Serum EX, setting a new beauty trend in South Korea and across Asia. A boosting serum formulated with the upgraded JAUM Balancing Complex™ enhanced by PREXtract process™. It replenishes your skin’s yin deficiency to bring back balance and improve its regeneration, vitality, nutrition, clarity and resilience. + […]

游戏规则: a. 在ONFM面子书粉丝专页回答电影问题。 b. 竞赛开放时间为30分钟22.15-22.45 c. 主持人将答对的网友列上编号,然后现场抽签并与节目上公布。 d. 每次抽出10名得奖者,其得奖者将赢取1张双人电影戏票。 e. 得奖者须于9月14日前PM个人资料到ONFM Facebook粉丝专页,并注明送《MAZE RUNNER: THE SCORCH TRIALS》电影戏票。 f. 每个人只能赢取一次;若发现同样的地址重复赢取则作废。 g. 本台是依据参赛者的提供个人资料给予得奖者通知,如在竞赛过程中更换个人资料,ONFM有权利取消起参赛者资格。 h. ONFM 不承担任何邮寄遗失或损坏的责任。 i. ONFM拥有权利要求得奖者亲自领取奖品,如得奖者无法在所述限期内领取奖品,主办单位将拥有绝对的酌情权没收或处理该电影 奖品。 j. 如有任何争议,ONFM拥有最终决定权。 Find out more at ONFM.